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The most enthusiastic and fun explorers in the world, ABC Mouse and his best friends, 1-2-3 and Do-Re-Mi, are searching for adventure—and you’re invited!

Every story within ABCmouse’s Search & Explore introduces children to exciting destinations—from the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China! This series has been crafted by teachers and education experts to include an exciting collection of learning moments in science, technology, engineering, art, math, literacy, and more!

Young viewers can follow this team of explorers as they travel far and wide to learn more about famous places and landmarks around the world. They’ll leave with a wealth of new knowledge and an ever-growing curiosity about the exciting world they live in!

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  • Fridays: 4:30 PM

7 - 10 year olds

This program is ideal for children 7 - 10 years old.

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