TV Schedule (Kenya Only)

  • Akili Kids
Akili Kids
Image Time Programme
Rastamouse 6:00 am


Bob the Builder 6:30 am

Bob the Builder

Wild Kratts 7:00 am

Wild Kratts

Word Girl 7:30 am

Word Girl

Word Girl 8:00 am

Word Girl

Sci Girls 8:30 am


bongo kids 9:00 am

Ubongo Kids - English

AKili and Me 9:30 am

Akili and Me - English

Dora The Explorer 10:00 am

Dora The Explorer

Super Why 10:30 am

Super Why!

Team Umizoomi 11:00 am

Team Umizoomi

Monster Math Squad 11:30 am

Monster Math Squad

The Save Ums 12:00 pm

The Save-Ums

peep and the big wide world 12:30 pm

Peep and the Big Wide World

Esme and Roy 1:00 pm

Esme and Roy

Miffy 1:30 pm

Miffy's Adventure's Big and Small

Wonder Pets 2:00 pm

Wonder Pets

The Backyardigans 2:30 pm

The Backyardigans

AKili and Me 3:00 pm

Akili and Me - Kiswahili

bongo kids 3:30 pm

Ubongo Kids - Kiswahili

Wild Kratts 4:00 pm

Wild Kratts

Word Girl 4:30 pm

Word Girl

Word Girl 5:00 pm

Word Girl

Sci Girls 5:30 pm


Be The Creature 6:00 pm

Be The Creature