Fridays and Saturdays Are For….🥁🥁 – Keeping Up With Boi

“Mummmm! Keni anakata kunipea remote!” Boi cried “Keni, ebu peana remote. Sisi tunataka kuwatch Peep and The Big Wide World.” Mama Boi commanded. This is a normal Sunday at Boi’s Home. One of the kids is always crying for the remote and Mama Boi intervenes.

“Peep and The Big Wide World ikiisha, si tufanye general cleaning. Kila mtu, atakua na a small task kufanya ndio tumalize kazi haraka, sindio?” Mama Boi requested.

“Okay, mum! Usijali tutasaidiana, ” Boi and the rest of the family agreed. True to their word, as soon as they were done watching Peep, they all started cleaning the house when they heard a voice on Akili Kids!

“This December

Let’s put the FAM in FAMILY!

Introducing…Akili Fam!

Come Tucheze


And have fun together tukiwatch

New Family Shows

New seasons of your favorites programme


Saturday Night Movies!

Leta siz, mum, bro, dad, grand pa, grand ma na pia bring

your dog

Akili Fam!

Every Friday and Saturday 

Starting 3rd December

6PM – 10Pm

We are Family!”

Dad! Mum! Mumeskia? Akili Kids! wanaleta new shows and movies this December!” Boi exclaimed! “Eweeeeee! Sasa hatutakuwa tunalala mapema on Fridays na Sato! Hehehehe” Sydo added with a cheeky smile.

“That’s nice! Inaonekana hii Krisi itabamba sana vyenye wameintroduce Akili Fam! Hatutaboeka and will have an awesome time together tukiwatch Akili Fam! on Akili Kids!” Baba Boi mentioned.

“Ah! Na pia wamesema wataleta episodes mpya of our favourite shows!!!!” Keni commented.

“I hope wataleta episodes mpya za Wild Kratts…” Mama Boi mentioned.

“Mimi nagojea tuone hii show mpya ya All Round Champion!!!!!” Boi cheerfully remarked.

“I bet it will be fun…” Baba Boi added.

Boi and his family continued with their chores as they planned for Friday night and they were all looking forward to watching all the new seasons, shows, and movies on Akili Fam!

Are you excited about Akili Fam!? Let us know which shows and movies are you looking forward to watching with your family in the comment section below. 🙂