How Can We Keep Our Children Safe As Schools Re-Open?

Three African girls walking in school uniforms

It’s a little over a year since the first covid-19 case was reported in our country. Within 13 months, a lot has changed. These unprecedented times have not only made life uncertain and challenging for adults, children have also been adversely affected.  While asking kiddos to frequently wash their hands, wear masks and social distance…

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What Does Consent Look Like For Children?

Mom and daughter

Have you ever tried taking a child from their parent’s arms or hugging your niece who’s grown so much since you last saw her and they blatantly refused? I wonder what you did next, did you go ahead and forcefully take them from their parent’s arms as they cried in protest or did you respect…

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Akili Kids! The Newest School In Town.

Two African Kids

My 16year old cousin who is currently in form 2, reached out to me two weeks ago asking for some advice as he was feeling overwhelmed with school. So, I hopped on a call with him that went on for about an hour. He shared with me something that most of us who went through…

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Keeping Up With Boi: Is Akili Kids! TV A Show?

Animated dad, friend and son

“Wakurugenzi! Tumepatana tena?”, Baba Boi greeted his friends as he pulled a chair and sat next to them. “Leo game ni moto sana!”, one of his friends commented.  “I see. Muturi is almost winning the game?”, Baba Boi speculated. “I think it’s something in his tea…what else can explain his lucky streak?”, Jimmy teased. Every…

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