Keeping up with Boi (Sharing personal information) 

It’s a typical Saturday morning. Mama Boi is cleaning around the living room. She is expecting to host her nephews and niece for the day. “Knock, Knock, Knock,” someone is knocking on the door. “Hodi.” It’s Mama Janet – elder sister to Baba Boi. “Karibuni sana Mama Janet.” Welcomed Mama Boi. “Asante sana Mama Boi,” Said…

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Keeping up with Boi (Flash Squad)

Boi and his siblings, Sydo and Keni are back home from school. They have just closed for their mid-term break and are about to start binge-watching on Akili Kids! TV.“Mum! Mum!, leo kwa shule headmaster alituambia tumefunga shule for mid-term holiday”“Eeeeeh!, hiyo ni poa sana!” Exclaimed Mama Boi.“So mmefunga for how long?” She asked. “Teacher kwa…

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Fridays and Saturdays Are For….🥁🥁 – Keeping Up With Boi

“Mummmm! Keni anakata kunipea remote!” Boi cried “Keni, ebu peana remote. Sisi tunataka kuwatch Peep and The Big Wide World.” Mama Boi commanded. This is a normal Sunday at Boi’s Home. One of the kids is always crying for the remote and Mama Boi intervenes. “Peep and The Big Wide World ikiisha, si tufanye general cleaning.…

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5 Things You Didn’t know About Wangari Maathai!

Wangari Maathai

Apart from her work championing for environmental conservation which earned her the Nobel Peace Prize, what else do you know about the remarkable icon that is Wangari Maathai?   Well, here are some facts I bet you didn’t know! She was an academic! Wangari Maathai was a Senior Lecturer in Anatomy at The University of Nairobi.…

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The Akili Kids! Makeover

The Great Makeover

The Makeover is truly closer to what we imagined Akili Kids! would look like in our original plans. It’s going to be bigger, better, more fun, with even more learning opportunities.

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Why Boom! Na Wabi

Boom na Wabi

We had a lot of fun shooting these short episodes – and every time we completed filming an episode, we’d yell “BOOM!” and high five each other… Jesse Soleil, Creator and Director Boom Na Wabi As we were beginning to plan our content strategy for launch, one thing we were painfully aware of was that…

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