Keeping up with Boi: Scamming

Boi is playing games on his Fathers phone. The Phone pings, its an SMS message. “Dad! Dad! uko na message kwa simu.”  Said Boi while handing the phone to the Dad.  “Ebu nione, imetoka kwa nani.” Said Baba Boi. ‘H11S1UKWEL1 Confirmed. You have received Ksh5,000.00 from JEFF MPORAJI on 28/06/2022 at 12:11 PM. New balance…

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5 Ways To Help Build Toto’s Confidence

African mother and daughter in a swimming pool

‘Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.’ Alvin Prince. I remember growing up, my mom always used to let me have conversations with her colleagues whenever we met, especially if it was based on something I strongly…

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What Does Consent Look Like For Children?

Mom and daughter

Have you ever tried taking a child from their parent’s arms or hugging your niece who’s grown so much since you last saw her and they blatantly refused? I wonder what you did next, did you go ahead and forcefully take them from their parent’s arms as they cried in protest or did you respect…

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Keeping Up with Boi: Mum Amechoka!

Individual cutting groceries

(Boi walks towards the kitchen to catch up with his mum after binging on his favourite shows from the Teke Teke Haiya Block. Do you remember Boi mentioning them?)  Mum, umeshindaje? Boi asked.  Nimeshinda poa, Boi. Why do you look concerned? I replied.  “You seem tired, especially because Keni was up all-night crying, and I could hear you ‘bembeleza’ her and now you’re washing the dishes. What time do you rest mama?”  Boi asked while holding my hands.  …

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Nywele Ngumu, Nywele Steelwool….

young African girl

‘Na hii nywele yako sasa tutaifanyia nini?’ my mum asked as she helped me pack in preparation for the new school year. It would be my first time to join a boarding school and her biggest concern was my hair! According to her it was too kinky and would be a challenge to maintain.  She…

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The Challenges of Being a Rastafarian Mouse


I try really hard to be kind, thoughtful and friendly, and share those values with all the other kids who watch my TV show. But many times, there are people who see that I’m a Rasta, and think because of my accent or the color of my hat, that I am a bad mouse.

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How to Raise a Successful Child: Part Three

Cat looking at mirror and sees itself as a lion. Self esteem or desire concept.

If you can help a child to live in a growth mindset, it’s a gift that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Your child can do anything they put their mind to, but in order to actually do it, they need to imagine and believe that they can succeed. Akili Kids! can help…

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How To Raise a Successful Child: Part Two

Brain of a baby

Continuing the series on How To Raise a Successful Child, I thought it important to address the challenge of fear and its impact on learning. “Would my child learn more if they were not afraid?” Well actually, yes, they would…

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How To Raise a Successful Child: Part One

When we nurture a child’s whole being, we open doors to endless possibilities ~Susan Wright Are you familiar with the concept of a well-balanced diet? Essentially saying that if you want to be healthy, there are foods you need to eat from all the food groups; meat, fish and beans for protein (building muscle); rice,…

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