Key Skills Learned From TV

alphabet letters

That Is A COW, But The Sound It Makes Is MOOO… Just like we need to teach children how to pronounce the letter’s name, we need to teach the children how to pronounce the letter’s sound (or the sound the letter makes). ~ Lissett Babaian, Learning Specialist for Akili and Me and Ubongo Kids TV…

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Why Boom! Na Wabi

Boom na Wabi

We had a lot of fun shooting these short episodes – and every time we completed filming an episode, we’d yell “BOOM!” and high five each other… Jesse Soleil, Creator and Director Boom Na Wabi As we were beginning to plan our content strategy for launch, one thing we were painfully aware of was that…

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The Impact of Television on Children

Impact of TV on Children

“The more a child has seen and heard, the more he wants to see and hear.” – Swiss Psychologist, Jean Piaget It’s quite interesting to note that most of our television memories from when we were young seem to be centered around commercial advertisements. And especially, those that had great jingles. Do you remember any…

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