Keeping Up with Boi: Mum Amechoka!

Individual cutting groceries

(Boi walks towards the kitchen to catch up with his mum after binging on his favourite shows from the Teke Teke Haiya Block. Do you remember Boi mentioning them?)  Mum, umeshindaje? Boi asked.  Nimeshinda poa, Boi. Why do you look concerned? I replied.  “You seem tired, especially because Keni was up all-night crying, and I could hear you ‘bembeleza’ her and now you’re washing the dishes. What time do you rest mama?”  Boi asked while holding my hands.  …

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Nywele Ngumu, Nywele Steelwool….

young African girl

‘Na hii nywele yako sasa tutaifanyia nini?’ my mum asked as she helped me pack in preparation for the new school year. It would be my first time to join a boarding school and her biggest concern was my hair! According to her it was too kinky and would be a challenge to maintain.  She…

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Keeping Up With Boi: Aima Reader, Math Pawa and SciBase

Child playing with dad on a swing silhouette

Previously on Boi and his lovely parents at home: There’s a knock on the door. Mzee wa Boma amewasili.  Daddy!   Boi ran towards the door and hugged his dad!  “Mkurugenzi!  I watched your friend Dora the Explorer on Akili Kids! on my way home. She’s a smart one and can speak Spanish too! Any new word you’ve learned from Dora?” Boi’s dad asked as…

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