It is Wednesday morning. Mama Boi is preparing Boi and his siblings Sydo and Keni to go to school. 

She helps them pack their lunch in their lunchboxes and put it in their bags.

“Haya! twendeni, twendeni Boi. Sitaki mchelewe kufika shule leo. Basi iko karibu kufika kwa gate!” Mama Boi called out.

“Chiiilaaax….tunaharakisha mum!” Boi giggles as he carries his school bag rushing out of the door.

They wait a few minutes out of their gate and their school bus arrives. They get in and off they go to school.

“Good morning class.” Greeted Mrs. Naisula, the class teacher in Boi’s class. 

One thing you will notice about teacher Naisula is her long, black, silky hair and her colorful Mitumba pants! Her style is just….Whoa!

“Today we have a new student joining us in class.” Mrs Naisula said enthusiastically. “His name is Alex.”

“Let us all welcome him and be friendly with him.” She encouraged as the children clap. 

Classes go on and the children go out for their short break time.

“Mambo Alex.” Greeted Boi.

“Poa sana.” Replied Alex.

“Najua leo ndio siku yako ya kwanza Roho Safi Primary School, na bado hauna marafiki. Sindio?” Asked Boi.

“Bado, sina marafiki. Wale watoto wengine walikuwa wananicheka juu nimevaa uniform ya shule yangu ya kitambo.” Alex nervously replied. “Lakini baba yangu ameenda kuninunulia uniform mpya leo na kesho ntakuwa na uniforms kama nyinyi!” Said Alex.

“Wachana na hao wasee! Wanabore! Sisi twende tucheze futa!” Boi gleefully replied with his arms streched out towards Alex.  

They go forward and play together. The bell rings and they go back to class for a Maths class.

“Lunch tiiiiiime!” Shouted the children as they run out of class to go have their lunch.

“Alex, kwani huendi kukula lunch?” Boi was concerned. 

“Sikupatiwa lunch leo, maybe kesho ntakumbusha mama yangu aniwekee lunch.” Alex Sobbed.

“Usijali. Lunch yangu ni mingi unaweza kushare na mimi leo.” Affirmed Boi.

“Leo nakula mchele na maharagwe. Wewe hupenda R n B?” 

“Alex, kwani unaenda wapi na Boi?” Mrs Naisula interrupted.

“Boi amesema naweza kukula lunch na yeye leo.” Replied Alex.

“Ukweli teacher!” Boi Babbled.

Boi and Alex head out to have lunch together and get back to class after lunchtime.

“Sssssshhhh! Special announcement. Kesho tutakuwa na holiday. Kwa hivyo hatutakuja shule.” Said Mrs Naisula.

“Yaaaaaay” shouted the children happily. 

“Holiday ya kesho itakuwa Mashujaa Day. Nani anajua tunacelebreate nini on Mashujaa Day?” Asked the teacher.

“Teacher, teacher, teacher! Shouted the children in unison while raising their hands.

“Yes, Alex, please tell us.” Said the teacher.

“Tunacelebrate wale watu walisaidia Kenya kupata independence.” Replied Alex.

“Correct!” Mrs Naisula nodded. “We will be celebrating our heroes. Our heroes can be anyone who has helped you in time of your need.”

“Kama Boi!” Shouted Alex. “Leo sikuwa na lunch na yeye alishare na mimi lunch yake na pia nilicheza na yeye futa time ya breaktime.”

“That is good Boi and keep it up!” Mrs. Naisula applauded. 

“So as you go home today, remember to celebrate your parents, your househelp and anyone who has helped you in life tomorrow.” said the teacher.

Parents, remember to celebrate your children when they do good! It boosts their self-esteem!