Keeping Up With Boi: Keni Writes A Letter To Princess Pea.

Mama Boi is back from escorting Boi and Sydo from School. She finds Keni in the living room watching Akili Kids! TV on the television. “Mum, mum!” she called the mother looking excited. “Nataka kuandika barua.” “Barua? Unaandikia nani barua kamum?” Asked the mother. “Akili Kids! TV wametuambia tunaweza andikia barua to yule character tunapenda kwa Akili Kids! TV alafu watasoma…

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Keeping up with Boi: Scamming

Boi is playing games on his Fathers phone. The Phone pings, its an SMS message. “Dad! Dad! uko na message kwa simu.”  Said Boi while handing the phone to the Dad.  “Ebu nione, imetoka kwa nani.” Said Baba Boi. ‘H11S1UKWEL1 Confirmed. You have received Ksh5,000.00 from JEFF MPORAJI on 28/06/2022 at 12:11 PM. New balance…

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Keeping Up With Boi (Password protection)

It is morning and Baba Boi looks distressed about something. He is typing something on his smartphone.  “Aaaaargh! Kwani hii password ni gani? si nakumbuka vile niliweka last time,” said Baba Boi. “Kwa nini saizi inanisumbua.”  “Baba Boi, ata wewe huwa unapoteza password yako kila saa,” said Mama Boi. “Na hata hujakaa na hii simu kwa mda mrefu.” She…

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Keeping up with Boi (Trolling Episode)

It is a chill Sunday afternoon. Baba Boi is done cleaning his motorbike, ready to begin his week on Monday. “Daddy, si ulisema utatubeba kwa bike yako, leo?” asks Keni as she comes running to her Dad. “Yes, kamum, najua niliwapromise, lakini nimeosha tu bike saizi, labda niwabebe kwa bike lakini hatuendi mahali, si ni sawa?”.  “Sawa…

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“Flabber…what? Baba Boi Comes To The Rescue – Spelling Bee

“Ngo! Ngo! Ngo!” There’s a knock on the door. “Wacha niende nikafungue mlango, mummy!”, Keni shouted as she ran towards the door hoping that it was Boi. “BOI! Boi amekuja! Wametoka mid-term! Yess!!!”, Keni jumped at Boi and gave him a heartfelt hug. “Kumbe daddy alikuja kukuchukua kutoka shule, nimekumiss!”, Keni said as she held…

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Akili Kids! The Newest School In Town.

Two African Kids

My 16year old cousin who is currently in form 2, reached out to me two weeks ago asking for some advice as he was feeling overwhelmed with school. So, I hopped on a call with him that went on for about an hour. He shared with me something that most of us who went through…

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Keeping up with Boi: Bob the Builder

Animated Female Farming

“Mamaaaa! I can’t find my blue socks with white stripes!” Boi called out.   I laughed at my silly thoughts as I walked towards my son’s room.   “Wewe…Sindio hizi socks… Ukona mchezo sana Boi!” I said.   “Tihihihi, thanks, mama!”   “No worries Boi, actually, would you mind helping me clean up the compound? I was thinking of planting tomatoes today and make us some…

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Keeping Up With Boi: Aima Reader, Math Pawa and SciBase

Child playing with dad on a swing silhouette

Previously on Boi and his lovely parents at home: There’s a knock on the door. Mzee wa Boma amewasili.  Daddy!   Boi ran towards the door and hugged his dad!  “Mkurugenzi!  I watched your friend Dora the Explorer on Akili Kids! on my way home. She’s a smart one and can speak Spanish too! Any new word you’ve learned from Dora?” Boi’s dad asked as…

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Keeping Up With Boi: Teke Teke Haiya!

Time flies! I was watching Boi play with his friends at the time when that thought crossed my mind. It was only yesterday I was changing his diapers and now, he can kick a ball high up in the air! “Ni saa ya kurudi kwa nyumba” I shouted from the balcony. “Really Mami, ata saa…

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How to Raise a Successful Child: Part Three

Cat looking at mirror and sees itself as a lion. Self esteem or desire concept.

If you can help a child to live in a growth mindset, it’s a gift that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Your child can do anything they put their mind to, but in order to actually do it, they need to imagine and believe that they can succeed. Akili Kids! can help…

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