Keeping Up With Boi: Teke Teke Haiya!

Time flies! I was watching Boi play with his friends at the time when that thought crossed my mind. It was only yesterday I was changing his diapers and now, he can kick a ball high up in the air! “Ni saa ya kurudi kwa nyumba” I shouted from the balcony. “Really Mami, ata saa…

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Effective Goal Setting For Kiddos

Mom and Daughter

Most of my Saturdays are spent baby-sitting my nephew, and if you have spent time with kids, then you know they are the ones in charge of the remote! This particular day, we were watching Ubongo Kids on Akili Kids! and one of the characters, Baraka, had a goal to be a better basket-ball player. But for…

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The Math Of Savings: Surviving ‘Njaanuary’

My last week of December was spent doing some last-minute Back to School shopping for my nephew ahead of schools re-opening in January. After a long day of running errands, my sister and I sat down to relax and chat. This in turn ended up being a long rant about how the month of January…

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