Akili Kids! In The Eyes Of A Teen

As a 15-year-old teenager who’s watched Akili Kids! since it began, I am proud to say I have developed a personalized opinion on the television network’s show options, education level, and engagement. I am ecstatic that such a channel is accessible to parents looking for healthy past-times for their children. Building these kinds of educational pleasures is such a necessity when it comes to a kid’s growth and childhood, and I can’t be more thankful that I too had that in my earlier years. 
To start, I have loved each and every show on the channel and I cannot wait for future additions– particularly the ones that Akili Network could end up producing themselves. My favourite of the shows currently airing is Wonder Pets; in which a team of 3 baby animal superheroes are in charge of helping the other animals in their community. Much like an EMT, the Wonder Pets respond to SOS calls from various animals and show their compassion and generosity when it comes to helping them out of a sticky situation. I’ve loved Wonder Pets ever since I was a child, and even now I’ll sometimes find myself humming the tune to “The Phone Is Ringing” when I get a call. The Wonder Pets teach kids how to care for the people (and animals) around them, all the while showing them that it’s okay to call for help when you need it– a skill I see many of the teens around me lose as they get older. 
To add on, I think that if everyone were to watch AkiliKids! with an open mind, it would be easier for them to keep healthy boundaries, skills, and conscience– things we need as role models for the children around us. It’s too often that I forget some of the key elements I grew up learning as I busy myself with schoolwork and other activities.
Akili Kids! deserves all the love and attention Kenya can give as it continues to educate and encourage healthy lifestyles to the people that engage with it.

By: Sitara Soleil.