Ni Yangu! Ni Yangu! Teaching Your Children To Share – Keeping Up With Boi

“Hii ni yangu! Wachana nayo! Wachana nayo! Aki wewe Sydo! Nitakusema kwa mummy!” Keni cried out as she held on tightly to her kiddie tablet. 

“Ata mimi nataka kucheza nayo,” Sydo insisted.

“Nyinyi wawili, kwani hamwezi share toys pamoja? We have to share!”Mama Boi said with a stern face.

While this was happening, Baba Boi was seated in his favorite chair browsing articles on how to encourage sharing.

“Sydo and Keni, come here,”Baba Boi called out.

“I want you two to take turns playing with the tablet”. 

“Keni, you can play with it from now hadi lunch time and then Sydo will have his turn, tuko pamoja?”

“Sawa daddy,”both Keni and Sydo replied and ran back to their room to play.

“Hii mambo ya divide me divide me ya watoto inahitaji uwempole sometimes,”Baba Boi teased Mama Boi.

“Ha! Sawa chief! Hapo umeniweza”, Mama Boi goofed.

“I got that tip from an article I read online. It talks about empathizing with children when it comes to sharing. Sharing is a concept they’re learning as they grow. An idea like taking turns is a great way to introduce it,”said Baba Boi with a hint of a self-satisfied smirk playing across his face.

“Hii internet inatusomesha! Soon, you will be graduating with first class honors from Internet university,”Mama Boi teased.

“Hahahahaha! You’ll buy me lunch when that happens,”Baba Boi replied.

“You know, there’s a show on Akili Kids! TV that I really like. It’s called Wonder Pets,”Mama Boi said 

“Ehe! What about it?”, Baba Boi asked.

“It’s about these three classroom pets  — Linny the Guinea Pig, Turtle Tuck, and Ming-Ming Duckling who teach kids about sharing, helping others, and being a good friend. I think I should make a habit of discussing some of the things we learn from the shows on Akili Kids! TV with akina Keni,”Mama Boi suggested.

“Hio ni idea poa, mum!,” Boi replied. He heard his mum from the kitchen as he was making some fresh juice. 

“Thanks Boi!”Mama Boi replied.

“That’s a good idea, dear. Do it!”

 “Haiya! It’s lunchtime! Let me go check on Keni and Sydo. It’s Sydo’s turn to play with the tablet,” Baba Boi dashed to the kids’ room.

How do you encourage your children to share? Let’s chat in the comment section below!