The Akili Kids! Makeover

The Great Makeover

The Makeover is truly closer to what we imagined Akili Kids! would look like in our original plans. It’s going to be bigger, better, more fun, with even more learning opportunities.

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How to Raise a Successful Child: Part Three

Cat looking at mirror and sees itself as a lion. Self esteem or desire concept.

If you can help a child to live in a growth mindset, it’s a gift that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Your child can do anything they put their mind to, but in order to actually do it, they need to imagine and believe that they can succeed. Akili Kids! can help…

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How To Raise a Successful Child: Part Two

Brain of a baby

Continuing the series on How To Raise a Successful Child, I thought it important to address the challenge of fear and its impact on learning. “Would my child learn more if they were not afraid?” Well actually, yes, they would…

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How To Raise a Successful Child: Part One

When we nurture a child’s whole being, we open doors to endless possibilities ~Susan Wright Are you familiar with the concept of a well-balanced diet? Essentially saying that if you want to be healthy, there are foods you need to eat from all the food groups; meat, fish and beans for protein (building muscle); rice,…

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Why Are They Repeating Their Shows?

building self confidence

While adults can easily pick up new information from a single exposure, when kids ask to watch the same movie they’ve already seen a hundred times or read the same book before bed for the 10th night in a row, it might just be their way of learning the storyline.

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Why Boom! Na Wabi

Boom na Wabi

We had a lot of fun shooting these short episodes – and every time we completed filming an episode, we’d yell “BOOM!” and high five each other… Jesse Soleil, Creator and Director Boom Na Wabi As we were beginning to plan our content strategy for launch, one thing we were painfully aware of was that…

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