How Can We Keep Our Children Safe As Schools Re-Open?

Three African girls walking in school uniforms

It’s a little over a year since the first covid-19 case was reported in our country. Within 13 months, a lot has changed. These unprecedented times have not only made life uncertain and challenging for adults, children have also been adversely affected. 

While asking kiddos to frequently wash their hands, wear masks and social distance is a good place to start, unfortunately it’s not enough to keep them safe. 

The recent enforcement of lockdown restrictions in certain parts of the country, have not only left Kenyans struggling to stay afloat financially but have also made travelling across the country especially for students a lot more difficult. Take for instance the many students who were left stranded and confused after completion of their KCSE, some even having to sleep in parks. 

With school re-opening, I would like to share some tips to help keep toto safe as they go back to school: 

  1. Ensure your kiddo has an emergency contact. 

Whether a day scholar or a boarder, you have to ensure that toto has at least 3 people that they can contact in case of an emergency. 

  1. Travel in Groups

I studied very far away from my home in high school. I found it safer and fun to travel to school with schoolmates who used my route. 

If you as a parent can organize with other parents or even with the school management to have the kiddos travel together, that would make life a little easier and less worrisome. 

  1. Help toto understand what is currently happening

The best part of closing or opening school was sometimes straying and taking a stroll while admiring items we could not afford. Unfortunately, students do not have that luxury anymore.

Help toto understand that the country is operating under restricted hours and there’s no time to kill strolling with friends. 

  1. Prior preparation.

This was an area I did not thrive in. I exceled in last minute packing. Under the current circumstances we cannot afford to do this. Toto has to prepare and get their items ready a day or two before, especially if they are travelling to a different town for school. Prior preparation means that the travelling day is left only for that, travelling. No other business. 

  1. Pocket Money.

These are tough economic times for most of us. While getting school fees under the current circumstances is already challenging, toto will definitely need some pocket money as they travel to school. Just enough to ensure that they are able to make a call, get a hotel room or a taxi if the need arose. 

What are some other safety tips parents can take into consideration as schools resume?