How to Get Free-to-Air TV for FREE!

Family excited watching TV
You bought a “free-to-air” decoder box for your TV. With that box, you can watch local and some international channels, but if you stop paying, can you still receive local TV channels? The short answer is YES!
If you have a digital or smart TV, or a generic digital TV decoder, you are in luck. Here are the four easy steps to receiving a free-to-air TV broadcast from over 70 channels without paying your subscription box fee:

1.  Unplug your subscription decoder box. That box is literally in between your antenna and your TV.

2.  Insert the antenna you just took out of the box DIRECTLY INTO THE TV’s antenna input.

3.  Switch your TV’s input from whatever it is on (commonly it is A/V) to TV. You will not see anything yet, so hang on…

4.  Open your settings on your TV and rescan for analogue channels. This is important, even though the signal is coming in as a digital signal, the TV recognizes the over-the-broadcast as analogue.

You should now be able to see lots of free channels showing up on your TV. You may even see pay channels show up, but you will be unable to access them. That’s okay. If you desperately need to see CNN or Cartoon Network, you can plug your box back in and pay for the subscription.

If you are able to get it working, help your friend or neighbor get their free TV. Free-to-air TV is a free service and you have a right to receive it without paying a monthly fee.