Fun ways to keep the kids busy

Child in a boom t-shirt painting

A few days ago, I got to a point where I had absolutely no idea how I was going to keep the kids busy. This whole staying indoors had them antsy and irritable at best. Their whining was not helping, so I had to get creative and fast. And Boom! (na Mummy) here are a few activities I wanted to share with you that have served me well so far:

Read Them a Book

Growing up with old fashioned parents, I did all the reading myself because my parents only had time to read the newspaper, and not out loud, but silently, to themselves. My youngest has recently discovered Rapunzel, and it has been fascinating to watch her flipping through the pages and getting all wide-eyed. So, one day, I picked up the book and gave “story time” a try. And to switch things up, after reading Rapunzel to her, I asked her to write a story. Guess what? She delivered! And while it was not a bestseller, just getting a glimpse of her imaginative thinking and storytelling had my heart all warm.

child handwritten story

Watch Good TV

Naturally, I applauded the young one for her efforts and out of curiosity just asked her how she had learnt to string her sentences together that well because I mean, she’s only six. And she gladly boasted to me about how she’s been watching Akili Kids! TV which has loads of programs like SuperWhy (her favorite) which teach language skills and vocabulary but by storytelling. And that this is what has had her dreaming all sorts of things that she was glad she could now write down.

Food-time is Playtime

In the spirit of all these discoveries and achievements, I just wanted to reward this beauty for all her hard work and knowing how much she adores sandwiches, we figured why not make one together. And so, into the kitchen we went and tried to replicate this sandwich I had seen earlier on the Kingsmil bread Facebook page.

To be honest, we didn’t get it right the first time but my little perfectionist can be passionate and so we gave it a few more tries. This has now become a thing in our household. We read them books, they write us stories, they watch TV for the great impact it has on them and we wrap it up with an artsy sandwich.

But that’s me. How have you been keeping the kids busy? Let us know.