Keeping Up With Boi: Is Akili Kids! TV A Show?

Animated dad, friend and son

“Wakurugenzi! Tumepatana tena?”, Baba Boi greeted his friends as he pulled a chair and sat next to them.

“Leo game ni moto sana!”, one of his friends commented. 

“I see. Muturi is almost winning the game?”, Baba Boi speculated.

“I think it’s something in his tea…what else can explain his lucky streak?”, Jimmy teased.

Every Thursday afternoon, Baba Boi and a group of dads in the estate would meet at the estate’s resource centre to play draughts. On a good day, the winner walked away with five hundred shillings. Most dads looked forward to this day. If they weren’t playing or teasing each other, they were engaging in hot debates about random stuff!

“What’s new, boys?”, Baba Boi asked.

“Well, my wife and kids have been talking about this kid’s channel for a while now…”, Jimmy responded.

“It’s called, hmm…wait…what’s the name of that channel? Agrhh. Kwani nimesahau tena? I think it is Akilini?” 

“Akili TV?”, Muturi tried to help.

“There’s the word ‘kids’ somewhere”, Jimmy uttered as he scratched his head.  

“Ngoja kidogo! You mean ‘Akili Kids! TV?”, Baba Boi interjected.

“Yes, that’s the show! Akili and Me”, Jimmy confirmed with such relief.

“ Aii! Jimmy, I think umepotea kidogo…are you talking about the show or the TV channel?”, Baba Boi asked with the hint of a self-satisfied smirk playing across his face. 

“Kwani what’s the difference? And how come you know about this stuff?”, Jimmy asked.

“My family are die-hard fans of both the show and channel! At first, I was confused because they both share the name ‘Akili’ but my wife helped me know the differences.” Baba Boi remarked.

At this point, all the dads at the resource centre were curious to know about this. The constant questions from their kids about the alphabets and numbers from Akili and Me and conversations at work regarding Akili Kids! TV were becoming frequent.

“Ebu tuchanue, Baba Boi”, the dads begged.

“Haiya bas”, he cleared his throat. “First things first, Akili Kids! TV is a TV channel for kids while Akili and Me is a kids’ show. It airs on Akili Kids! TV” 

“Tuko pamoja hadi hapo, my frens?”

“Ndio!”, Jimmy and Muturi confirmed.

“Alafu…”, Baba Boi added,

Akili and me is produced by Ubongo Media who are based in Tanzania and are also the creators of Ubongo Kids. The show airs on different local TV channels across Africa. Countries like Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda…even India and UK!

“Ei! Huko kwote?”, Muturi reacted as he sipped his tea.

“Na bado! These guys are already the second most watched TV channel in Kenya! Nawalifungua tu in March 2020!”

“Eish. Who owns this channel? And is it just for kids?”, Jimmy asked. 

Akili Network…saw it on one of their adverts on the channel”. Baba Boi replied. “The TV channel focuses on 24/7 kids’ stuff. Their programs are educational…”

“At least…atakama watoto wako home juu ya corona, wateweza kusoma kwenye TV”, Muturi added.

“Nanikama Akili Network and Ubongo Media wakona the same goal ya kusomesha watoto, nimenotice…”, Jimmy pointed out.

“I think so…”, Baba Boi affirmed.

“Oh…Okey! That’s some good info! Imeeleweka sasa! Kumbe Akili Kids! TV wako chonjo?”, Jimmy looked up to see if the rest of the dads have also understood.

“Wako tu sawa! They’re doing a good job helping our kids with content that’s fun and engaging”, Baba Boi mentioned.

“Umetuchanua”, Muturi confirmed as well. “Thanks a lot, Mkubwa!”.

“Anytime”, Baba Boi replied.

“Alright, boys! Kama mumeelewa the differences between Akili and Me & Akili Kids! TV, tukosawa! Kesho ni siku. Tutaonana.” 

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