Keeping Up With Boi: Teke Teke Haiya!

Happy little boy

Time flies!

I was watching Boi play with his friends at the time when that thought crossed my mind. It was only yesterday I was changing his diapers and now, he can kick a ball high up in the air!

“Ni saa ya kurudi kwa nyumba” I shouted from the balcony. “Really Mami, ata saa Moja bado!”

Boi obliged but after a long deep sigh of annoyance. 

“Mami, show za Teke Teke Haiya ziko karibu kuanza. Siukuje tuone pamoja?” Boi called out.

“Boi unataka turushe teke wapi tena?” I laughed as I wiped rivers of salty tears off my face. 

“Mami, Teke Teke Haiya ni shows on Akili Kids! TV za watoto wakubwa kama Mimi na akina Amina and Yusuf from My Better World!” said Boi.

Aha! That’s interesting. They have shows that focus on pre-teens. Brilliant! I should check out the Akili Kids! TV schedule, I thought. 

I could tell he was ecstatic about this “Teke Teke Haiya” manenos. So, I listened.

“Tell me more, son”. 

“Wacha nikuambie Mami! Teke Teke Haiya ikona shows fun kama: Ubongo KidsWild KrattsWord Girl,Search and Explore by ABC MouseCyber Chase na My Better World! These shows have really helped my English and Kiswahili. Sometimes, during Math class, I remember an episode on Ubongo Kids about fractions and I find the answer.”

Teke Teke Haiya Poster

“Ukweli? Ndio maana homework siku hizi unamaliza!”

I remarked while patting him on the shoulder. 

“I like how creative and independent you have become, always solving problems by yourself. I like how you interact with your buddies too! Are you learning all these from Teke Teke Haiya? “I asked.

“Yes, Mami!

“We can be watching these shows on Teke Teke Haiya in the afternoon on weekdays and Saturday mornings! Sindio?” His face lit up when he asked.

“Lazima baba! We shall watch togezzzaa. “ 

To keep up with Boi, look out for the next blog on Thursday! Meanwhile, here’s more on Teke Teke Haiya! :