Keeping Up with Boi: Mum Amechoka!

Individual cutting groceries

(Boi walks towards the kitchen to catch up with his mum after binging on his favourite shows from the Teke Teke Haiya Block. Do you remember Boi mentioning them?) 

Mum, umeshindaje? Boi asked. 

Nimeshinda poa, Boi. Why do you look concerned? I replied. 

“You seem tired, especially because Keni was up all-night crying, and I could hear you ‘bembeleza’ her and now you’re washing the dishes. What time do you rest mama?”  Boi asked while holding my hands.


Self-care is something I really struggle with. 

I tend to find it difficult to put my needs ahead of others.  
And therefore, normally can’t acknowledge that I need help. Giving control over to someone else, when I know I can do it eventually, is hard for me. I guess in a way it feels like failing, even though I know I am not. Do other mums also experience this?  
Perhaps I am too much of a perfectionist. 
Or maybe it’s the fact that I am usually just too tired to give myself the attention and care I require. 
After all, the kids always come first, right?


As I held Boi’s hand, these were the thoughts that I struggled to admit to myself… 

I felt sad that Boi could tell I was not okay. Moms, can you relate to this feeling? 

“Baba, kusema ukweli, I’m a bit tired and a break would do me good. Can we hang out today? Just us two?” I asked. 

“Sure, Mummy! Let’s get ice cream and watch My Better World on Akili Kids! TV…I like the show because it teaches me how to be a good boy!” Boi Remarked. 

Sounds fun! Let’s do it. I smiled as we headed to the living room with a big bowl of Vanilla ice cream in my hand! 

As I sat down watching My Better World, I couldn’t help but think of other simple self – care activities-tired mums like me could do. 

A quick search online and these are the ideas I stumbled on: 

In short, our kids need us healthy and strong. So, mama…tujaribu kidogo tusijivunje Mgongo. 🤗 

That said, please let us know in the comments section which self-care activity you’ll be trying today!