What’s Your Chapa Germs Chapa Challenge?

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be at a certain public restroom, staring at myself in the mirror while washing my hands! Chapa Germs Chapa! Right? But then this lady walked out of the loo and headed straight for the exit without first making a stop at the taps. And now everything and everyone that she would touch or interact with later that day would be left with germs and unknowingly spread them to everyone! (Eeeew)

After ruminating on this for a while, I thought we could give her the benefit of the doubt, by concluding that maybe she simply forgot, just like how we simply forget to wash our hands in these instances:

After petting animals

Personally, I am guilty of this. And it’s because I really love dogs. I think they are super cute and so whenever I see one, I normally cannot fight the urge to pet them. And then once all that is done, I continue with my life like nothing happened when really, I should have done something about my hands…

After Touching Garbage

Thank goodness for modern technology, as we now have dustbins that allow us to drop things inside without touching them. And while that’s all great, how many times do we remember to wash our hands after we’ve deposited the garbage into the dustbin? Tafakari hayo.

After Blowing our Noses

Think about how disgusting mucus is. That’s why we blow our noses into Kleenex or handkerchiefs. Yes? But while we were blowing into the tissue or kerchief, we were holding the items with our hands, yes? And yet for some reason, we most definitely will get rid of the tissue or return the handkerchief to its designated area all nicely folded. But do we remember to wash our hands afterwards?

After Visiting the Washrooms

So later on, I met this lady somewhere at our workspace and instead of giving her the stinky eye, I gave her an elbow shake😜 (Good thing we’re not doing handshakes now) but from her facial expressions, she knew that I knew…

And instead of bashing her, I instead challenged her to try forming a habit of remembering to wash her hands every time she leaves the ladies’ room. And since habits are generally formed in 21 days, that’s her Chapa Germs Chapa! Challenge for November. What is yours?