How Do I Get My Teen Son To Shower?

A few days ago my eldest son came home all sweaty. The smell was so foul, for a minute there I wondered if he had rolled in a sewer before heading home. But no, it’s just that at his age, 13 now, he’s sweating a lot more and showering a lot less. So, I did…

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The Math Of Savings: Surviving ‘Njaanuary’

My last week of December was spent doing some last-minute Back to School shopping for my nephew ahead of schools re-opening in January. After a long day of running errands, my sister and I sat down to relax and chat. This in turn ended up being a long rant about how the month of January…

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What’s Your Chapa Germs Chapa Challenge?

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be at a certain public restroom, staring at myself in the mirror while washing my hands! Chapa Germs Chapa! Right? But then this lady walked out of the loo and headed straight for the exit without first making a stop at the taps. And now everything and…

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The Math of Savings: Lessons From My Brother

Growing up, my parents were really big on saving and so they tried their best to nurture that habit in us. Safe to say my brother grasped it and prospered with it. I, on the other hand, chose to fly with getting a Jumbo Junior account, because I wanted a Red Piggy Bank. Which of…

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Fun ways to keep the kids busy

Child in a boom t-shirt painting

A few days ago, I got to a point where I had absolutely no idea how I was going to keep the kids busy. So I had to get creative and fast… here are a few activities I wanted to share with you that have served me well so far.

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Gratitude and Mum’s Day

Mom kneeling to talk to her son

As a Mum of three, I look forward to this annual celebration, being recognized by my sons and daughter for my contributions and sacrifices for the year. I love every moment of it, but truth be told, when I think about my own Mum I always get introspective

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Key Skills Learned From TV

alphabet letters

That Is A COW, But The Sound It Makes Is MOOO… Just like we need to teach children how to pronounce the letter’s name, we need to teach the children how to pronounce the letter’s sound (or the sound the letter makes). ~ Lissett Babaian, Learning Specialist for Akili and Me and Ubongo Kids TV…

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The Impact of Television on Children

Impact of TV on Children

“The more a child has seen and heard, the more he wants to see and hear.” – Swiss Psychologist, Jean Piaget It’s quite interesting to note that most of our television memories from when we were young seem to be centered around commercial advertisements. And especially, those that had great jingles. Do you remember any…

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