Keeping Up With Boi: Aima Reader, Math Pawa and SciBase

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Previously on Boi and his lovely parents at home:

There’s a knock on the door. Mzee wa Boma amewasili. 


Boi ran towards the door and hugged his dad! 

“Mkurugenzi!  I watched your friend Dora the Explorer on Akili Kids! on my way home. She’s a smart one and can speak Spanish too! Any new word you’ve learned from Dora?” Boi’s dad asked as he tickled him. 

Yes, amigo! Boi laughed. Can I get a monkey too? I’ll name him boots. Just like Dora’s. 

“Uko sure hio Monkey haitatumalizia ugali? “His dad joked.  

“Hahaha! Fine. I’ll settle for a bike.” Boi responded.  

Mama Boi! Na hii Akili Kids! Iko na mambo mazuri! Ni juzi tu niliskia “Aima Reader” ikitangazwa kwa hio channel 602 on Zuku. Simuniambieko hii Aima Reader ni nini?  

All the dads at work seem to know about it! Namnajua sipendi kubaki nyuma!”  Baba Boi exclaimed! 

Boi and I burst into laughter!  

“Daddy! Aima Reader ikona shows like Dora The Explorer and my favorite superhero, Whyatt! He likes reading storybooks just like me!” Boi said with such excitement! His eyes were sparkling! 

“Whyatt? From Super WHY? Ah! I know him. He’s a good chap!” Boi’s dad replied. 

“Eeee…Najua unataka nikununulie hio suit kama ya Whyatt ya green” he added. 

“Kwanza this April holidays. I need to make an impression on my friends, especially Timo.” said Boi. 

Boi had his dad’s humor. 

“Okay, so what time do we get to watch the shows on Aima Reader?” Boi’s dad asked. 

“Every day, from 10am – 11am. The shows are for akina Keni and Sydo! I’m older than them but I still enjoy watching. “Boi added. 

Alright, Mkubwa! The remote is yours, officially! Akili Kids! itakuwa on 24/7.  Baba Boi jokingly said. 

Na hesabu je? He asked. 

Math Pawa! It has all these cool guys like Max, from Monster Math Squad, Milly & Geo from Team Umizoomi and, Wabi! From Boom! Na Wabi. She’s fun!” Boi shouted.  

Cool name, dude! Baba boi replied. 

“Show me your math powers!” Baba boi yelled. 

Hahaha! I got 88% on my math test. Boi replied.  


“I learn cool math concepts from these shows, daddy! And I get to help my friends solve math problems.” Boi said. 

“Proud of you, son.” said Baba Boi.  

Boi giggled. 

Dinner was over and it was time for bed. Our bellies were full and the night was beautiful. 

“Eh! Mama Boi, Watoto wamelala. Nipigie kastori hifi hifi ata niwezeko kusikia hio sauti yako nyololo!” Baba boi bantered. 

“Hahaha! You’re so silly!” I laughed. 

I think there’s one learning block on Akili Kids! TV that Boi forgot to say. I remarked. 

“Which one?” Baba Boi asked. 

Sci Base” I replied. 

“Aha! I really like these “Akili Kids!” guys. They’ve got amazing content! I wonder how it would have been if we had a dedicated children’s TV channel back in the day…” said Baba Boi. 

I’m glad our kids have it.  

“Imagine if you could see my voice…” I interrupted. 

How? Baba boi asked. 

“With shows like Peep and the Big Wide World and The Save-Ums, be prepared to answer all sorts of science questions from Boi. He loves those shows on SciBase!”  I replied. 

We both chuckled at the astonishment on our faces!  

“Well, we should hang out with Boi and his siblings to find out more awesome stuff on Akili Kids! TV. BTW, what time does SciBase shows start?” Baba Boi asked.  

“I think it’s on Weekdays from 11:00am – 12:00pm and Weekends from around noon” I replied.  

“Keni and Sydo are always imitating sounds of Quack and his funny looking bird friends on Peep! The shows on SciBase block are ideal for kids their age, considering they’re still under 6 years old “ I added. 

“Okey! Nimekupata Mama Boi. Situlale sasa…” Baba Boi said yawning. 

Hahaha! Sleep tight, Baba Boi. 

   More on the learning Blocks! 

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