Boi Is A Shujaa 🦸🏾‍♂️

  It is Wednesday morning. Mama Boi is preparing Boi and his siblings Sydo and Keni to go to school.  She helps them pack their lunch in their lunchboxes and put it in their bags. “Haya! twendeni, twendeni Boi. Sitaki mchelewe kufika shule leo. Basi iko karibu kufika kwa gate!” Mama Boi called out. “Chiiilaaax….tunaharakisha mum!” Boi giggles as…

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Why Are They Repeating Their Shows?

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While adults can easily pick up new information from a single exposure, when kids ask to watch the same movie they’ve already seen a hundred times or read the same book before bed for the 10th night in a row, it might just be their way of learning the storyline.

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The Impact of Television on Children

Impact of TV on Children

“The more a child has seen and heard, the more he wants to see and hear.” – Swiss Psychologist, Jean Piaget It’s quite interesting to note that most of our television memories from when we were young seem to be centered around commercial advertisements. And especially, those that had great jingles. Do you remember any…

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