How Do I Get My Teen Son To Shower?

A few days ago my eldest son came home all sweaty. The smell was so foul, for a minute there I wondered if he had rolled in a sewer before heading home. But no, it’s just that at his age, 13 now, he’s sweating a lot more and showering a lot less. So, I did what I normally do when I’m stuck. Call auntie. And as usual, she came through with the super insights:

Step 1: Turn Shower Time to Game Time

This worked best for auntie when my cousins were around that age. She simply turned shower time into a game. Mostly because when the cousins were younger, they used to have rubber duckies with them during baths, but as they got older and started taking showers, in the age of zero instant heaters, it became a bit tricky. So what she would do is present a reward for the children in her household who would take the shortest amount of time to get ready. Safe to say, it was a success! For a little while. I ran out of incentives and naturally, they got demotivated too so, I had to find another longer lasting solution. 

Step 2: Leverage on their Role Models

Remember my cool brother who saved up and got himself a bicycle at the tender age of 10? (Click here to see his story) My son really looks up to him. So I just randomly asked him why he’s so fascinated with the man and he said it’s because uncle’s got game but I wouldn’t get it because I’m old. He was right. I am older and wiser which is why when he said he would like to be like my brother when he grows up,  I just mentioned this to him.

“You know, your uncle probably has game because he takes really good care of himself. Showers daily, lotions up, cleans up nice. If you would like to get to his level of game, maybe you could also try out a few of these things. What do you think?” And just like that, my little man started taking his skin care routines a bit more seriously.

Step 3: Invest in his Skin Care Products

So much so that yesterday as I was headed out to the supermarket, he came to me with a  list of skin care items; the Imperial Leather Fresh Burst range (bathing soap, shower gel and lotion) Of course, shocked by this, I wonder why because to the best of my knowledge,  the kiddie soap in the bathroom is not yet over. But then he says to me instead, “ Mom, uncle and dad use these products which is why they are both trendy and always smell sooo good. “ So of course I try to counter this argument with- the kiddie soap also smells great but eventually he breaks into a loud “ But it’s not for men. I want to use products for men because I am now a man. ” He then proceeded in a tiny voice, “ Also, the ad for it on Akili Kids! plays just after that episode on Ubongo Kids where they talk about hygiene and caring for our bodies, so I’d like to be as cool as them too.” 

So obviously step 4 is Watch Akili Kids!

Not just because it’s a great TV station for children that I advocate for all the time, but also because some times, our children’s role models do not come from real life. Sometimes they come from the content they consume on TV. Kind of like my son’s role models are from Ubongo kids on Akili Kids! 

I would like to know, which shows on Akili Kids! are your children’s role models from?

And if you would like to know if I bought the Imperial Leather Fresh Burst range for my little man, check back for part 2.