Keeping up with Boi: Bob the Builder

Animated Female Farming

“Mamaaaa! I can’t find my blue socks with white stripes!” Boi called out.  

I laughed at my silly thoughts as I walked towards my son’s room.  

“Wewe…Sindio hizi socks… Ukona mchezo sana Boi!” I said.  

“Tihihihi, thanks, mama!”  

“No worries Boi, actually, would you mind helping me clean up the compound? I was thinking of planting tomatoes today and make us some nice homemade ketchup after harvest!”  

“Sounds great, mama!” Boi replied. Can Keni and Sydo join us too?”  

“Sure!” I replied.  

A little while later, I noticed the kids were having a fantastic time digging holes, getting their hands dirty and having fun at the same time. Sydo was recycling old tins by planting mint in them while Boi was sorting out food waste from the dustbin that we would make compost from. 

holding soil

Impressed with this, I asked, “Where did you guys learn this cool stuff?”  

“Bob the Builder on Akili Kids!” They both shouted.  

“Sisi ni the dream team” Boi added. 

Funny thing, I have watched some Bob the Builder episodes on Akili Kids! TV. And what Boi is saying is true. There are a couple of lessons on teamwork and collaboration from the show that have resonated with me, such as:  

1.    Don’t Do It Alone:  

Boi was quick to call his siblings to help with gardening. I bet he learnt this from Bob. See, Bob has a crew that’s always there, to help him get the job done. 

2.    Have Fun:  

Just like my little ones were having fun getting their hands dirty as they worked, Bob’s attitude is always positive. He’s such a happy and hard-working boy who spreads the good attitude to his team-mates just like my Boi.  

3.    Be Positive:  

No matter what task is handed to Bob, he takes it on with excitement. On a normal day, Boi would have complained about the chores, but when he had his squad with him, he approached the task with fervence. Can we build it? Yes, we can!  

To be honest, it’s been interesting to see the impact of Akili Kids! TV on my kids. Enyewe, mambo ni digital! Wazazi, for your kids to learn more about this channel, here’s where you can watch from!  

Where to find Akili Kids!

PS: To keep up with Boi and the rest of my family, start here. 🙂  


Mama Boi.