The Impact of Television on Children

Impact of TV on Children
“The more a child has seen and heard, the more he wants to see and hear.” - Swiss Psychologist, Jean Piaget

It's quite interesting to note that most of our television memories from when we were young seem to be centered around commercial advertisements. And especially, those that had great jingles. Do you remember any jingles from your childhood?


Fast forward to now. We are the parents. Our children are home and we are looking for the best ways to grow them not just psychologically, but mentally and emotionally as well. But in this great age of technology, how do we know what is best for our kids? I mean we could give them books to read all day every day, but that is for the older children. How about the younger ones who are in their formative years, still learning how to hold a pen, to read, to write?

And on the daily? Imagine all the possibilities that would have come with this. Exposure to programming that teaches HOW to think and not WHAT to think, programming that encourages active watching as opposed to passive watching, an understanding of basic emotions like happiness and sadness and most importantly, social etiquette.


There is a massive impact on learning from television when you are young. And our promise to you is that all the content we air has been carefully curated to create a secure destination for your child to have safe fun, learn and grow to view the world from more than just one perspective.


But just in case you need a little more convincing, here’s actual scientific research, for your perusal.


Love, Banju